Mini/Juniors Information

Key changes for this season
Chairman: Mair Edwards

The club is run on an entirely voluntary basis. In order that we can provide facilities to promote community based Rugby we need volunteers covering a wide range of abilities. If you are prepared to help out in anyway be that from helping out in the kitchen or Kit Shop or being on the committee for the Mini & Junior section just let your child’s coach know (remember Grandparents can help out as well!)

Kit Shop
We now run our own Kit Shop. Items not stocked can be ordered and you will be notified when they arrive. See Mair Edwards for more information.

Used Kit
We thought is a good idea to recycle kit as kids seem to grown faster than kit wears out, its mainly boots at the moment due to storage. So why not donate kit you don’t need so long as it is clean and in good condition and we will sell it on for a minimal charge through the Kit Shop.
Volunteers needed to help with this.

Nothing new here, but please save us all some hassle by ensuring that boots have the correct kite marked studs fitted (if you are not sure you have the correct studs ask your coach). Incorrect studs will render player ineligible to train or play. Studs can be purchased from the Kit Shop.
Mouth guards, it is strongly recommended that these are worn at all times during matches and whilst training. These can also be purchased through the Kit Shop or seek advice from you dentist.
Dedication, if your child need to take regular medication for example inhalers to treat asthma please ensure they bring it with them if they need it. Coaches cannot to responsible for administering any form of medication.

Subscriptions for this season are £25 per player.
Please get your subscription to us as soon as possible, as without paid up subs this can invalidate any insurances that the club has in place. It is in the interest of all that they are paid on time.
Please note that is necessary the club committee has the discretion to lower the subscription rate for persons who need assistance, in such cases please contact the lead coach for the age group.
This is inline with the aims of the club to promote youth rugby within our local area.

For further information on how to get your child playing Rugby at Clwb Rygbi Dinbych, please contact:

Mair Edwards

TEL: 07789913504